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                                                 Tour 027 Around of Sapa

Program List

Daily trip
(Classic trek)
Every day

Opt 1: Daily relax able trek to Tram Ton Pass. (3hours by car)
Opt 2: The handicraft villages Matra , Tafin (6hour trek)
Opt3: The villages of terraced fields Lao Chai, Ta Van (6 –7 hour trek, car back)
Opt 4: The village in green valley Ban Ho, Thanh Phu (5 hours trek and car)
Opt 5: Adventure trip to Ban Khoang, Ta Giang Phinh (4 hours trekking, 4 hours car)

Weekly trip:
Traditional market
The meeting place of ethnic minorities

Opt1: Bac Ha market (every Sunday)
Opt2: Muong Hum market  (every Sunday)
Opt3: Muong Khuong market  (every Sun & Thurs)
Opt4: Coc Ly market (every Tuesday)
Opt5: Can Cau market  (every Saturday)
Opt6: Binh Lu Tam Duong market (every Sunday)

Home stay
(Discovery trek)
2, 3 day trip Everyday

Opt1: Lao Chai – Ta Van – Giang Ta Chai (2 days & 1 night)
Opt2: Sapa-Ban ho- Thanh Phu-Sin Chai (3 days & 2 nights) Opt3:Lao Chai – Ta Van – Giang Ta Chai – Ban Ho (3 days & 2nights)
Opt4: Ban Ho – Nam Toong (2 days & 1 night)

(Adventure, hard trek)

Opt1: 3 day trek
Opt2: 2day trek (recommend)
Opt3: one day trek

North West and North Eat

4 – 6 day please contact receptionist for more details

Special trip offer for the bad weather day please contact us for more details

Daily Trip Option 1:
Daily relax able trek to Tram Ton Pass.
(Daily trip 3hours driving)

You will be very exhausted because of taking along journey by train from Hanoi to Sapa. That’s why we offer you this trip in an attempt to help you fell more relax able and comfortable for the rest of days in Sapa. Motorbike will take you to visit the Silver Waterfall (10 km from Sapa), one of biggest waterfalls in Sapa and Northern of Vietnam, where you will be pleasure to enjoy magnificent landscapes of waterfall ass well as fresh and unpolluted air. After that the car or motorbike continue taking you to visit Tram Ton pass (2.113m). Standing at the top of the pass and looking down to the green valleys or windy pass and cloudy valley of Lai Chau province will make you feel mixing with the natural sceneries.
Special offer for the trip: Having barbecue at Tram Ton Pass

Daily Trip Option 2:
The handicraft villages Matra, Tafin
(Daily trip – 6hour trek)
Leaving from Sapa at 9.30 am, taking the footpath up and down and crossing a small hamlet of Matra, where inhabited by Black H’mong ethnic minorities. To continue trekking up the village and getting through paddies fields will be lead you to an ancient Catholic abbey build by the French colonists. Then you will walk 2 km more to reach Tafin village for both Black H’mong and Red Dzao people. Having in the local house and touring to the village to visit Tafin’s handicraft shop. Here you have good choices to buy woven and textile brocades and handicraft, which were made by the local people, visiting Tafin Cave and small hamlet of Black H’mong people. Finally we get out of the village and the car or motorbike will take you back to Sapa.

Daily Trip Option 3:
The villages of terraced fields
Lao chai Ta Van Giang Ta Chai
(Daily trip, 6 –7 hour trek)
Leaving Sapa at 9.30 am and heading to Y Linh Ho, hiking along narrow paths and visiting two Black H’mong villages at Lao Chai San and Lao Chai. Having a short break in the village center, talking with friendly children and touring the village to learn more about local people’s way of living and then continuing along the small village’s footpaths to Giay village in Ta Van. Our guide will take you to explore the village. Having lunch in a local house in Tavan village, after lunch you will trek through terraced fields along the mountain sides, bamboo forests and down to Giang Ta Chai waterfall and try to get through the bamboo bridges to quiet stream where you can have a rest and swimming. Then you trek cross over the rice fields to a Red Dzao village. In the afternoon you will trek back to the main road and the car’s waiting for you there to pick you up to Sapa.

Daily Trip Option 4:
The village in green valley Ban ho Thanh phu
(Daily trip 25km trek and car)
Our jeep will take you to Su Pan Market of black H’mong and Red Dzao ethnics (20 km from Sapa) and then you will trek down to Ban Ho village settle by the Tay people. Here you will see very the Tay minorities built nice stilted houses. After having lunch in a local house our guide will take you to explore ban Ho as well as to learn their daily ways of living. Trek through a long hanging bridge to other side of Muong Hoa River and trek up the hill to visit Nam Toong village of Red Dzao inhabitant. Trekking back to Ban Ho village’s waterfall and small lake for swimming. Walking up to the main road to catch the Jeep or motorbike back to Sapa.

Daily Trip Option 5:
Adventure trip to Ban khoang Ta giang phinh
(Daily trip 4 hours trekking, 4 hours driving)
It takes 2 hours by Jeep or motorbike to the first village of Ban Khoang, here; the environment and air are quite fresh and unpolluted. Further more, this area is unspoiled and undiscovered by the tourists and the landscape of forest and valley are extremely beautiful and eye-catching. This village is home to Black H’mong and Red Dzao communities with age of tradition and customs. When you get to Ban Khoang by Jeep again, taking village tour and trekking through tropical forests and valleys to Ta Giang Phinh village. After having lunch on the way and visiting both villages the Jeep will pick you back to Sapa.
Note: all of daily trip are including Lunch, entrance fee, and English-speaking guide, transportation (2pax by motor, 3 or more by jeep or van)

Weekly trip
Traditional markets

The meeting place of ethnic minorities
In Vietnam cultural life, a market is meeting place, not simply a trading place. This concept has always remained deeply in Vietnamese community. In childhood, there is not a child who doesn’t want his or her mother to take them to the market. Why? If one lived in the remote area and you have to work hard in the fields or somewhere else to make a living. People have socially few opportunities to meet friends, relatives or neighborhood. Without a market meeting, life can be quite boring. With general consensus, communities choose to hold markets on specific days depending on when it’s most convenient for people to attend markets for many more reasons than for shopping; for example people want to meet each other, they feel a need to belong to a community, and also they may whish to share their dress sense with the others.
Often people make a great deal effort to travel long distance over many hills and valleys even if they crossed land borders just to get their market or meeting places. There are always lots of excitement and joy associated with the market environment. Let’s come and share these people excitement on one of our trips.
You can see Black H’Mong, Red Dzao or Day minorities in the Sapa market. Let’s enjoy the differences of the minorities in the other markets, which you cannot see it in Sapa, where you won’t meet another tourist group.
So we specially offer markets tours on:
Every Tuesday: Coc Ly market
Every Thursday: Muong Khuong market
Every Saturday: Can Cau market
Every Sunday: Muong Khuong market
                         Muong Hum market
                         Bac Ha market
                         Binh Lu and Tam Duong market
For all the market trips, we will leave Sapa for the markets early in the morning about 6.30am by Jeep or minivan with the group of 10 people. It takes three hours to get there. In the market you will be free to take the market tour, to explore the lifestyle of ethnic minority group who gather in the market for shopping and chatting. In each market you will meet a lot of different group of minority who travel in many different areas and even they crossed the land border simply to get to the market.
They are Tibetan-original Ha Nhi in Muong Hum market, Mongolian face Y Ty in Muong Khuong, black Tay people in Coc Ly and BAC Ha etc. After visiting the market, the guide will take you to an ideal place with very beautiful landscapes with fresh and unpolluted air for a rest and having picnic lunch. Then we will go for trek in the villages nearby. After trek, the car will transfer you to Lao Cai. You will also have some stopover on the way to take photos or to visit Viet Nam – China border gate. You will visit Thuong temple as well. The trip will drop people who take night train at LaoCai Railway station at 5.00 pm and back to Sapa.
Our recommendation:
Bac Ha market is long famous for ages so there is a lot visitor travel to this market on Sunday. It’s fat place for thieves and pickpocket working. Moreover, Bac ha is no longer regarded ass a fresh clean place because of overcrowded amount of tourists on every Sunday.
Including: Transportation, Guide, Picnic lunch ( not Bac ha trip)
                                                    Home stay Option 1
                                            Lao Chai -Ta Van - Giang Ta Chai
                                                    (2 days & 1 night)

Leaving Sapa at 9.30 am and trekking down to Y Linh Ho village of Black H’mong people, taking the winding narrow footpath around the mountain and hills. There, you will see magnificent terraced rice fields, green valleys, river and white roof-dotted house by the mountainsides. Continuing to trek through paddies until you reach to Lao Chai village where black H’mong inhabitants. Touring the villages where helps you can find interesting and surprising things and you will know more about their daily life of local people, their ways of living and simple working tools that you have never seen before. After having a short break and quick lunch in the village’s junior high school we will walk through Lao Chai village and follow the footpath in the rice field. That leads you to the Ta Van village of Dzay ethnic minority. The guide will take you to a house where you spend a night with local family. While taking a rest after long trek you guide will do preparations to make hot and delicious dinner.
In the next morning, after having breakfast you will leave the home - stay and trek up hills, walking through the bamboo forest and down to a big waterfall and rattan bridge. Taking a short beak to enjoy fresh air and beautiful landscape. Then, you will continue trekking up hill to visit Giang Ta Chai village of Red Dzao ethnic minorities. Walking up back to the main road to take car or motorbike back to Sapa.
Including: Meals, Transportation, Entrance fee, English speaking guide and home stay permission.
                                                    Home stay Option 2:
                                           Sapa -Ban Ho -Thanh Phu - Sin Chai
                                                    (3 days & 2 nights)

Motorbike or Jeep will take you Supan village of Black H’mong people and you trek down by the footpath to Ban Ho village (45 minutes) settled by the Tay ethnic minorities. Here you will see very beautiful wooden houses on stilt build with nice views. After taking a short break you will continue trekking a long the river to Thanh Phu village of Tay inhabitants. Having a picnic lunch in a local family, then our guide will take you to visit several villages in this area. Sin Chai is your next destination. Here you have nice opportunities to meet Red Dzao ethnic minorities in Sin Chai village. After visiting the village you will have to come back to Thanh Phu for overnight sleeping place.
In the morning of the next day, after breakfast the guide will take you to visit My Son village of Xa Pho ethnic minorities, the less populated ethnic minorities in Sapa and to area that undiscovered and unspoiled by tourists. You will be trekking up the hills fields to Nam Keng village of Xapho people, crossing tracks and footpath until you reach to a small village, Nam Toong, the village of Red Dzao ethnic minorities and trekking down to Ban Ho village. Spending one more night in a Tay’s family. You will be free to take the village tour and to go sightseeing, to relax before leaving Ban Ho. After lunch you and our guide have to climb up to Su Pan and take motorbike or Jeep to Sapa.
Including: All meals, Transportation, Entrance fee, English speaking guide and home stay’s permission
                                                    Home stay Option 3:
                                        Lao Chai - Ta Van- Giang Ta Chai - Ban ho
                                                     (3 days & 2nights
The most interesting thing in this tour except the multiform and plentiful customs, cultural lives in each village, that you will realize the different elevation between Sapa and Ban Ho, between the winter in Sapa and summer in Ban Ho at the same time.
The way from Sapa to Ta Van village of Dzay ethnic minorities is similar to the Option 1. The difference is you will stay over night in Giang Ta Chai, the village of Red Dzao people instead of having home stay in Ta Van village of Dzay people near the river and waterfall. Here you also go swimming and small reservoir at the bottom of the waterfall to release tiredness after a long day trek.
In the next morning, after walking up and having breakfast you will trek 1 km more to visit Ban Ho village which settled by Tay ethnic minorities. Staying overnight in a Tay’s family in Ban Ho. Our guide will take you go swimming in Ban ho or you will be free go sightseeing and touring the village and after lunch you have to climb up the hill to Su Pan and Jeep or motorbike will take you back to Sapa.
Including: All meals, Transportation, Entrance fee, English speaking guide and home stay’s permission
                                                     Home stay Option 4:
                                                       Ban ho Nam tong
                                                       (2 days & 1 night)

Like in Option 1, you will trek from Sapa to Ta Van village to visit two different ethnic minorities of Black H’mong and Red Dzao and then trekking up to the main to take motorbike from Ta van to Su Pan (13 km) and trekking down to Ban Ho village of Tay people and stay overnight there. In the next morning, waking up at 8.00am and our guide will take you to visit Nam Toong village of Red Dzao ethnic minorities and then come back to Ban Ho. Here, the guide will show you an ideal place for swimming in a bid to release your tiredness after a long trek. Having lunch in Ban Ho and then coming up to Su Pan village to take motorbike and car coming back to Sapa.
Including: All meals, Transportation, Entrance fee, English speaking guide and home stay’s permission
                                               Conquering Fansipan Peak,
The highest mountain in Indochina (Hard trek)
The old French hill station Sapa (1,450m) is the natural starting point for exploration of the Sapa area, which includes the Hoang Lien Son mountain range, Indochina’s highest peak, Fansipan Peak – 3,143m and six different hill tribes, each one colorful, distinct cultural values with their own languages. Some of the villages, especially the more remote one are still mostly untouched by the commercial ways of model lifestyle. Private staying overnight offers an unusual insight into an otherwise unknown aspect of life in Vietnam. Whether you prefer the physical challenge of trekking to the submit of Mountain Fansipan, a minor two-day trek in and around the Sapa valley or experiencing the life in a small, remote minority village on a three-day trek, we offer you a unique experience with all the practical matters handled by specialist, professional guide with a in-depth local knowledge.

Day 1:Sapa – Catcat village – Rainforest Jungle Camp
Early departure from the hotel, the Black H’mong porters pick our baggage and start ahead, along with the cook. From our altitude of 1,500m, we pass through the market place and leave Sapa, heading for the valley floor. After a short while we pass the H’mong village of Cat cat. In the bottom of the village we cross the Linh Ho River, carefully keep our balance on the fragile bamboo bridge. We start the long climbing upward in the late day we reach the rainforest. Before nightfall, we pick a spot in the jungle and put up our camp at elevation of 2.200m. It is overnight camping.

Day 2:We start out slowly with a short descent before we trek up hill again. At around 2,900m the rainforest gradually gives way to huge stand, succulent bamboo. We reach a ridge at 2,900m. And now, we have a long view down to Sapa valley, over the area we just passed, to the mountain range far sides. After an early breakfast we set out for the final ascent. A few steep stretches must be passed, but nothing is insurmountable, and at lunchtime we reach the point elevation of 3,143m. This is highest peak in Indochina and on a clear day we have fantastic North view to China as well as to the North of Laos and Dien Bien Phu between mountainous areas. It’s high time for us to take a long break before we return to our campsite at 2,200m, overnight camping.

Day 3: Campsite – Sapa: We enjoy our morning coffee and the sound of nature, while the porters take down the camps and tents and move swiftly ahead down the mountain, trekking down forward to Sapa town.
Note: Trekking to the Fansipan Peak is possible for most people, but participants should be reasonable fit, capable of walking up to eight hours a day, because of some steep lope, and they are able to deal with rough camping for several days.
Including: All meals; Entrance fee; English speaking guide and home stay’s permission; tents, camp and sleeping bags.
Note: For information Phanspan in one-day trip or 2day trip, please contact us for more detail

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